Removing green waste from Townsville properties

Rubbish removal — Green Waste Remova in Townsville, QLD
About NQ Mowing Garden Care is the team to call for prompt rubbish removal.

We know that getting rid of waste can be a time consuming and laborious task so, leave it us. Our Townsville team can perform all of your garden maintenance jobs and remove the trimmings and rubbish appropriately. All waste is disposed of in accordance with local council recycling and dumping regulations.

We aim to create a neat and clean environment, one yard at a time. Call us for a quote.


Green Waste

Green waste refers to biodegradable waste that should be kept out of landfill.

This type of waste includes lawn clippings, flower cuttings and food scraps. All of these materials, if recycled properly, can be turned into compost or mulch which can be used by landscapers, gardeners and community members to enrich soil mixes.

Regularly recycling your green waste will also help reduce your carbon emissions in your community.


Storm Damage

If a storm has swept through your property, let About NQ Mowing Garden Care help with the clean-up.

Storm debris can be hard to remove on your own and dispose of properly. We make it easy by coming to your property and taking everything away with us in one simple trip. In addition to our powerful gardening equipment, we have a ute, truck and trailer to haul your waste away.

If you need larger items removed from your property, contact our team to discuss the job.